Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.

Hey friends, 

I was walking to work yesterday and I saw a pumpkin laying in the middle of a parking spot on a busy street. Undoubtedly, it was put there by an unruly teenager who was certainly nearby watching with much anticipation for the next car to park and smash it. Kids these days, sheesh. If you know me at all, you know that I love pumpkins and can imagine that seeing this abandoned guy made me a little sad. As I was getting over the sight of the forgotten October mascot I started to think about how quickly things change. 

Just a little while ago the world couldn't have been more excited about fall and pumpkin in its many forms; in muffins, in coffee, in oatmeal, in ice-cream, in pie, in butter, and in mac & cheese (that one was just me). The time came and went just like that and in a few short weeks, the pumpkin frenzy was quickly forgotten and it was all "Christmas is here! Tell your friends." The orange gourds were soon replaced with twinkling lights, decorated trees and sweet songs being sung.  

You see, as much as I love pumpkins and I really, really do, there is something undeniably wonderful about the Christmas season. I wasn't happy to see that pumpkin laying in the road but it reminded me that there is a reason we get excited about giving gifts, decorating our homes, and gathering with our families and he came in the form of a baby. Jesus being born is a pretty big deal. And by pretty big, I mean the biggest. deal. ever. So when we say it's the most wonderful time of the year...really, isn't it? 

Have a great Tuesday! 

Fondly from Portlandia, 


  1. love reading your blogs Emmie. look forward to seeing you at Christmas, <3

    1. Thanks for reading Aunt Norma :) See you soon!!

  2. It really is. And this year is going to be the most wonderful-est. :)

  3. Yes it is!!!!! I loved it Sunday at church when after the final songs, Pastor Cortese got up and said, "celebrate, do the lights, the parties, the gifts, everything....it, after all is for the King!!!!!" Tis true!


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