Thursday, December 6, 2012

super sweater sunday.

Howdy friends! 

As the days creep closer to Christmas, festive gatherings seem to be out in full force. Last week, the church that I have been going to in Portland, Mars Hill, had the brilliant idea to have a Christmas Sweater Sunday. Everyone wore their Christmas best and after the service there were photo booths set up so you could get portraits taken. A grand time was had by all! 

I am so very thankful that in just a few short months I have been able to find a great church, people who were so welcoming, and a community of friends that have been nothing but generous and sincere. Friends aren't always easy to come by so I feel pretty blessed that I have found so many great ones here in the North West. 

Fondly from Portland, 

p.s. I'm also getting really excited because THIS GIRL gets here in exactly one week!!! (That sentence really deserved to be in all caps.) It is going to be awesome. 



  1. EEEk! I can't wait either!!! Less than a week :)

  2. Also, I love that I know who all of these fun people are now! Had so much fun with you, friend :) Can't wait for our next adventure. Cali??


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