Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year...almost!

Hi friends,

It’s almost 2013! When I was younger, I use to think the only thing grownups could ever talk about was the how time was always flying by and how much the weather changed. As I inch closer to becoming a grownup myself, I understand why they were always talking about time moving so quickly. (The jury is still out on the weather banter.) The days and years seem to be going by faster than ever and in just a few short hours we will  welcome yet another. Before we get to all the things we hope for in 2013, I’m going to take a little look back at 2012. It's been a bit of a whirl wind. A great whirl wind. 

The year was brought in with fun friends, a trip back to Alabama and the Bachelor Brownies. (Bachelor brownies consist of printing off women’s faces, putting them on toothpicks, sticking them on brownies and watching a terrible reality show. It’s excellent.) It continued on with birthday celebrations, pretty spring flowers and a really fun trip to the beach with my Mama. Summer greeted me with gorgeous sunsets, fun day trips, an apple pie on the fourth and an incredible birthday beach trip. The fall of 2012 was rounded out by my internship in Portland which really needs a whole post of its own. Four months filled with new everything; including some really beautiful scenery. The final days of this year have been spent with family and a lot of food. It’s been wonderful. I have learned and grown so much this year and looking back at it makes me so happy but most of all, so thankful.

Here’s a little look at this year:


  1. Did you find the PCI pics???

    PS Wow! You've done so much/been so many places in 2012! Seems like it went by fast, but also seems like a long time ago that you were in Alabama. So grateful I got to spend so much of 2012 with you, friend :)

    1. I always had my PCI pics. I didn't find yours though. Sad. We need to go back there! It was really fun to look back at all the places I have been this year. 2012 was great!


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