Thursday, September 20, 2012

wahkeena falls.

Hey friends, 

Stop number two on the sight seeing tour of Oregon last weekend was this gorgeous waterfall named Wahkeena. Which oddly enough reminds me of Kelly Ripa's son...don't judge me. Daytime television is awesome. Anyway, this two hundred and forty two foot waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately (for you) I don't think my pictures do it justice. The force of the water falling from the cliff is so powerful that you only have to stand there for a few seconds before you literally have to catch your breath. It was so pretty, in fact, that I almost didn't want to take pictures. I just wanted to stand there and admire how truly beautiful the world is. 

Fondly from Portland, 

In order to keep it as a memory forever, I did snap a few little photos: 

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