Friday, September 14, 2012

minute to win it.

Oh Portland.
I started this three thousand mile journey on Saturday in Orlando international airport. It was followed by a pit stop in Chicago, a connecting flight in Kansas City and finally an arrival in Portland, Oregon. 
For quite some time now, there has been a little explorer living inside me who wants so badly to see new things and go new places.  I saw a quote recently that said “I’m in love with places I’ve never been and people I’ve never met.” That is exactly how I feel most days. The couple weeks I had leading up to this trip were spent dreaming about the unknown, wondering what the people would be like, wondering what my eyes would see and wondering how on earth I had found myself on the brink of this great journey. People’s excitement and words of encouragement was another confirmation for me that this was going to be an awesome experience.
An adventure could also be classified as an undertaking and to be quite honest, that is what it has been so far. When you allow your mind to dream a little bit, (ok, a lot) the anticipation of the unknown can become so thrilling and exciting that it is hard to remember the practical side of your emotions. You forget what real emotions might look like when you arrive in the biggest city you’ve ever been to, filled with people you’ve never met, and places you’ve never seen…without a car.
Let me tell you that I find the airport to be one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been. One of the things it is really good at (besides getting people from A to B) is reminding you that you are just one story. ONE! There were almost two hundred people alone on my plane from KS to OR. Two hundred stories that didn’t look anything like mine. A realization like that can leave you feeling quite desolate. I made a choice though to get off the plane armed with the confidence that the Lord, who has so faithfully seen me through every step of this process, was surely not going to leave me at the airport. Even if I was only one story.
In an attempt to not bore you with an emotional saga, I will leave this first post here: Portland is different and that doesn't make it bad, it just means it might take a little longer for it to feel comfortable. A roller coaster of expected and unexpected emotions has flooded me and I’ve absolutely considered jumping back on the plane and coming home. Sometimes  deciding to stay here even another minute is extremely difficult. Particularly when the chain fell off a bike I've never ridden before in the middle of a busy intersection. (You can laugh, it's kind of funny.) Sometimes, however, it’s a little easier, like when a girl that was a perfect stranger a few days ago thought to take me to one of Portland’s few southern restaurants so I would feel more at home. So friends, what I’ve come to realize in the past couple of days is that every minute I decide to stick it out is another minute I’m deciding to lean on the Rock that is sure and steadfast, that has gone before me and is not surprised by emotions, the Rock that is higher than I. It doesn't make it easy but it sure is hopeful.
Ps. I promise not every post will be this long and full of emotion. Scouts honor. One day I might just talk about how bizarre it is that there is a pet palace in the mall that will custom fit your personality to an animal so you can have the most optimal family pet. Truly, that is real.

Fondly from Portland, 

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