Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the columbia river gorge.

Hi friends, 

Hope you had a great weekend! It was a beautiful weekend full of new adventures here on the west coast! 

On Saturday, a new friend in Portland took me to see some of the prettiest things Oregon has to offer. The Columbia River Gorge(ous) was our first stop on this beautiful fall morning. The east coast doesn't offer much in the realm of mountains and hiking so imagine my surprise and wonder as I got out of the car to see this beautiful picture. 

The whole time we were up there I was imaging what it must have been like for Lewis and Clark. Just attempting to fathom the sheer delight of rolling up to something this beautiful for the very. first. time. Good golly. Amazing.  

Fondly from Portland, 

Take a gander at this splendid slice of creation: 

...kind of makes you want to come visit me in Oregon, doesn't it? :) 

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