Monday, September 24, 2012

amateur foodie.

Happy Monday Friends, 

foodie - noun
a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food. 

I do not claim to have an extremely refined palate but I do love to participate in the consumption of excellent food and Portland has some pretty incredible options in that department. And by some, I mean a ton. It's actually quite overwhelming for someone who has a bit of trouble making quick decisions. Thankfully, one nice thing about being in a new place is that people will recommend places for you to try. The other thing is bad restaurants don't really survive here because they have such excellent competition. From what I've heard, people come from all over to taste what Portland has to offer and I'm starting to understand why. 

Fondly from Portland, 

Below are a few of my favorites thus far:

Staccato Gelato - banana chocolate sundae 
Screen Door - a southern style pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and sweet potato fries 
Three Friends - vegan pumpkin spice delivered (I know, I know)

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  1. Friend! I get so excited when my dashboard alerts me that Plant By Water has a new post. Your photos and descriptions have been bomb. Keep it up!


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