Tuesday, November 13, 2012

wonders of this world.

Hello dear friends, 

Many of you might remember that when I began to plan my temporary stay in Portland, it did not involve driving my little blue bug across the United States of America. Instead, I decided to dive in head first and really make this thing an adventure. It's also possible that I had two free flights from Southwest Airlines for opening up a credit card and figured this might be the optimal time to put them to use. But hey, adventure was still going to be a part of the equation, no matter what the motive was. 

It turns out that there are some pretty rad folks in Portland though. Four awesome people have let me borrow their cars while I have been here which has made my car-less adventure to the pacific northwest a little more convenient. It is actually one of the most humbling things I have experienced as well. Often times, I am quick to cling to my worldly possessions because I "value" them but I am continuing to learn that although they are worth something monetarily speaking, they are worth pennies in comparison to the joy that comes from being able to share them with others. 

Having a car for the past couple of weeks has been such a blessing and I really couldn't be more thankful. When I started to think about it though, I realized that walking places has been too. You see a lot more of the world when you're among it. Here are just a few things I've seen on my walking adventure that reminded me of all the beautiful things that surround us everyday.

Fondly from Portland, 

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  1. Really enjoying your posts, friend. Your thoughts and photos are equally as beautiful. Much love from Tallahassee!


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