Wednesday, November 21, 2012

it is well.

Hey friends! 

Don't you just love pretty letters and fonts? I would say I have a passion for doodling. In fact, I can remember being in middle school and my brothers finding pieces of scratch paper that I had been writing my name in different fonts on. They would tease my by saying "Emily, gosh, you must really be in love your name!" It wasn't that I particularly loved my name (it's a great name though, mom, thank you) but it is simply the word I was most familiar writing. So naturally all the fonts that I was trying to come up with looked best in my name. Makes sense, right?

...Or maybe I am partial, who knows. I do know that doodling is fun and sometimes it turns out pretty. 

I made this little doodle and put it on a picture that I took in the Columbia River Gorge. I love hymns and 'It Is Well with My Soul' has always been on of my favorites. Knowing the story behind the the hymn is so powerful and makes it hard not to sing every line with a heart that is exploding with gratitude. 

Have an excellent Wednesday my friends! (It's almost Thanksgiving!!) 

Fondly from Portland, 

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