Friday, October 12, 2012

mt. hood.

Hi friends,

Mt. Hood was the hiking destination this weekend and boy was it awesome! Most people know Mt. Hood because it is one of the only mountains that has snow on it year round which makes it a perfect location for winter sports training. We were not in the business of skiing this day but we did go up to the Ski Lodge to  hop on a trail called Zig-Zag. It was a beautiful sunny day and as I understand, unseasonably warm. We hiked about 2.7 miles to the lookout (I only know that because there was a little girl who kept asking her mom how far they had walked and she had to explain how far 2.7 miles was). This hike was different and kind of neat because the vegetation changed so dramatically on the small section of the trail that we covered. Oregon continues to amaze me with how beautiful it can be. Sadly, I think the rainy days are beginning to set in but the Oregonians don't let that slow them down and hopefully I won't either!

Fondly from Portland, 

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