Friday, October 19, 2012

corn nostalgia.

Hey there! 

How do you take your corn? I'm an off the cob kind of lady. Somehow the added commitment of picking kernels out of your teeth for hours just doesn't seem worth it. Cutting it off the cob though, sign me up. When we were younger my family lived in Guatemala and I remember days when we would walk down to the market. The local people would be grilling corn on the cob and it always looked so delicious. They would squeeze lime and a dash of salt over the corn, put it back in the husk and then throw it on the grill until it was nice and toasty. Ahh, I can almost smell it now. So good. 

Last weekend I went to a corn maze and while I enjoyed walking through maze and figuring out the life size puzzle, I also was taken back by the beauty of the tall green stalks. Who knew corn could be so lovely?

Fondly from Portland, 

p.s. If I have a farm someday, it might be called 'Call me crazy, Call me corny'. Ok, that is all. 

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  1. LOVE the first and last pics, boo! You're gonna need to make like a really awesome photo book to document all of your lovely Portland images. :)


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