Wednesday, October 17, 2012

powell's books.

Hey y'all!

A couple weekends ago I ventured downtown in search of Powell's bookstore. It turns out that it isn't too hard to find something when it takes up an entire block of a city. Powell's is home to 68,000 square feet of new and used books. Yes, I did say 68,000. The place is so big that they provide you with a map when you enter. I sort of imagine that this is what Fox Books would be like except Powell's doesn't have the 'big bad chain store' feel. You see, this is Portland, the bike friendly land of organic coffee blends and and vegan cookies so even though this bookstore rivals the size of any Walmart, it feels much more like the Shop Around the Corner. (If you haven't watched You've Got Mail in a while or ever, you should do that but for now this reference is probably not in your wheelhouse.)

So what's the takeaway? If you ever find yourself in the area, definitely check it out. You could easily spend an entire day just on one floor of this monstrous place. Most of my time was spent in the Oregon section reading about Portland which I'm sure is pretty common among the touristy folks like myself. Embrace your inner tourist...just don't use an umbrella. (More umbrella talk to come.) 

Have an excellent Wednesday!

Fondly from Portland, 

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