Saturday, October 6, 2012

the happiest season of all.

Is autumn here? Could it be true? Crisp fall air, hot beverages, sweaters, scarves, boots, chili, cornbread, flannel...holy moly, this is great. (!!!) It's possible that I get a little too excited about fall or more specifically, pumpkins. I'm saying it's possible. But I would like to suggest that perhaps it is exactly the right amount of excitement. There will be no judgement here for your lack of enthusiasm during this time of the year but just know that I think you are missing out on something particularly great. 

There are so many reasons to love pumpkins but one reason is because they are orange! On the whole, I think orange is an extremely underrated color. This thought may stem from my aversion to it in college. You see, it was the primary color of the Florida Gators and since they are the opposite of awesome, I guess I figured orange was too. But since college, I have found a new fondness towards the pop of color. Maybe pumpkins are to thank, maybe. Another fabulous reason to fall in love (see what I did there) with this time of year is because of all things you can make with pumpkin. You could most certainly have pumpkin in every meal if your little heart wanted to. (This little heart has considered it). I would suggest this shake for breakfast, this soup for lunch, this mac & cheese for dinner and these delicious little cookies for dessert. Pumpkin all. day. long. Just once, just do it. 

Everybody has their favorite little things about life that they think are totally worth celebrating and for me, one of those things happens to be a round gourd-like character. So my friends, consider this  your warning, there will probably definitely be a surplus of pumpkin pictures around these parts in the next month or so. 

Enjoy this season, buy a pumpkin. 

Fondly from Portland,
p.s. go seminoles! 


  1. Seriously considering making those 4 items for my menu someday next week. Seriously.

    Also, those white pumpkins are bomb- with an orange chevron?? I mean come onnnn!

    1. Right? I didn't know how to feel about the white ones at first but they are pretty awesome. Also, if you make all of those recipes in one day you will OFFICIALLY be my hero...unofficially, you already kind of are.


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